Zain Bunker – Data Center

Zain Bunker – Data Center – Jordan, One of the most challenging HVAC installations completed by ACE This project was a success story of the fruitful collaboration between ACE/Trane, Huawei and Zain. The challenge of designing and selecting an HVAC system for a facility 12 meters deep from ground level with limited amounts of fresh air intake extract, without allowing us to install or connect any equipment outside the structure. Moreover, the design should comply 100% with Uptime Institute’s Tier-III regulations for data centers by providing (N + 1) redundancy for each piece of equipment and any standalone system.
The below solutions have been selected and provided, in order to overcome the above conditions, where: – A condenser-less water-cooled chiller (Trane RTU model), connected to an indoor Evaporative Condenser to rejects the latent heat of refrigerant through a coil to the surroundings, by means of evaporation. A small amount of water is sprayed over the condensing coil from above while air is blown up through the coil from below to naturally lower the condensing temperature. – Adjustable dynamic balancing valves (Frese Sigma Model) were installed to ensure the chilled water flow rate (hydronic balance) in a system of (N + 1) composed of supply and return chilled water piping network irrespective of differential pressure fluctuations to minimize commissioning process. – All the pumps (Manufactured by Pentair), and all the fan motors have been equipped with Trane Variable Speed Drive (VFD), to ensure more modularity and to keep the electric energy consumption below the allowable limit of Uptime regulations. – All systems were controlled by Trane BMS controls. – GRP (glass reinforced Plastic) water tanks from Sung IL. – Hattersley chilled water valves were also supplied to this project. It’s worth mentioning that all operational systems and redundant ones alongside graphs are shown on a large screen 24/7. After the installation of TRANE’s Centralized systems at Zain Bunker, the systems and air ducts inside the building is checked on a regular basis by ACE’s team to ensure the efficiency of the air conditioning inside the airport buildings. Any technical failure is dealt with directly and professionally by the engineers and technicians of ACE, regardless of the size of the malfunction and at any time. Zain Bunker was looking for this, and they found it.
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