Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym – Jordan, HVAC installation for the most popular gym in Jordan accomplished by ACE The most important factor for projects such as Gold’s Gym is to provide very high air quality in the training halls, and this is what the ACE’s team has done! Air quality is important in a gym setting because it can affect both the staff and trainer’s health and physical performance. Poor air quality can cause respiratory issues and other health problems, as well as decrease physical performance. Ensuring good air quality is essential for the well-being of all those who use the gym.
A full BMS ( Building Management System ) is controlling the heating and cooling process of the large gym’s studios and swimming pools. For example; the challenges of keeping the indoor pools dry and comfortable were the direct result of using such solutions. The BMS working with the Agile TRANE systems maintained the air quality for crowded sports studios at its best levels.
The Gold’s Gym located in Abdoun is a remarkable project. TRANE’s TVR systems (Trane Variable Refrigerant) were used to boost heating/cooling loads in a short period of time. The Sudden change in loads as a result of the sudden increase or fall in the number of occupants (gym visitors) required a proper engineering solution that used TRANE’s systems. This indeed entailed using other systems that could be easily integrated with TRANE’s solutions.
Over-the-internet control from any place in the world allows monitoring and managing smoke alarms, managing HVAC systems, automatic scheduling, and three years data -logs, all made easy to understand and use using proper dashboards controls and graphics. Freese PICV valves were installed alongside NOVOVENT FANS. After the installation of TRANE’s Centralized systems at Gold’s Gym, the systems and air ducts inside the building are checked on a regular basis by ACE’s team to ensure the efficiency of the air conditioning inside the airport buildings. Any technical failure is dealt with directly and professionally by the engineers and technicians of ACE, regardless of the size of the malfunction and at any time. Gold’s Gym was looking for this, and they found it.
Continued Research
Each TRANE device is built using cutting-edge technologies. Due to the fact that TRANE develops everything in-house, it can constantly enhance its products and technologies to be superior to everything else.
Quality Assurance
A well-maintained HVAC system adds value and continuity. Taking steps to prolong your installation’s working life assures your customer’s experience is satisfying and memorable.
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All of our products are factory tested before they are installed anywhere, to make sure they are dependable and can withstand the toughest conditions.
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What sets ACE apart is the speed with which it completes projects, finds solutions, and delivers services for TRANE air conditioners and other products.
In ACE, one of the most essential elements that the company’s management cares about is the necessity of efficient communication, thus we give excellent communication ways to enhance organizational practices and decrease mistakes.
Various Alternatives
TRANE provides high-efficiency air conditioners with advanced designs to fit all spaces and demands.
Energy Efficient HVAC
ENERGY STAR-certified HVACs, when properly installed, can yield tremendous annual energy bill savings. These products from TRANE are certified and designed to save energy without sacrificing features or functionality. At ACE, we care that after providing our services and installing the HVAC systems and other best electromechanical equipment in the region, we deal with the project in the best way possible while preserving the environment, and we always strive to search for the best technologies and tools that help us in preserving the environment in all its forms, whatever the cost. The matter stems from our social responsibility towards our homeland and the health of our citizens. We are looking for everything that can help us preserve the environment, but we are also looking for permanence in all of its forms, so we always aspire to be agents of the best and highest quality brands in the Middle East region, offering products that meet the definition of permanence and fulfill their work for the longest possible period of time, even in the smallest uses.